What you should do before going for a job interview?

There are only five colors you can wear..
3)Dark blue
4)Torquise green

For men:
1)Make sure your kemeja not overlook your pants.
2)Pants hitam, kemeja kena terang(long sleeve shirt ok!)
3)Must wear a tie(plain is better, color depends on your shirt)
4)Belt should be black but if you wanna wear brown belt make sure you wear brown shoes also but it must be dark brown.
5)No jeans or kodroi(I dont know how to spell) and only slack is allowed.
6)Shoes must be leather (pvc also can but it must look like a leather-fully covered of course).
7)Bring max 2 things(briefcase/file n laptop bag)
8)Accessories are allowed such as ring, watch and bangle(please not to big)
9)Hair depends on the post you apply for (if professional post should be clear cut). Please do not dye your hair!!

For women:
1)You have many choices whether to wear baju kurung, kebaya or kemeja (blouse also can but not kebarung..nti nmpak mcm makcik2 lak). Baju seluar rules dia mcm men gak cuma pakai cutting ladies ok?
2)For free hair, dont ponny tail your hair, sanggul should be nice and if you have beautiful hair, you can let your hair just like that as long as it does not too long until it reaches your ass..(rambut cantik kn so lepas jela). If you wanna dye your hair make sure it is suit with your skin. Purple, hijau, merah, orange, biru are not allowed.
3)Those who wanna wear shirt with a tie, make sure your tie is big to stress on the tie.(x sama mcm lelaki ok?)
4)Must wear fully covered shoes max 2inch.No high heels or platform or wedges.(Lepas dh dpt keja pkai la high heels tu..)
5)You can bring max 3 things(handbag tu pn yg kecik je tau, briefcase/file and laptop bag)
6)Accessories like rings(max 3:wedding ring, engagement ring n valentine’s ring), watch and bracelet are allowed. If you wanna wear a necklace, make sure it is not to long. Sesuai dengan diri sendiri ok?
7)If you wanna wear contact lens please not too exaggerate..Mcm saya ckp td kena suit dgn diri sendiri fhm2 la org Malaysia ni x berapa nk putih..
8)Earing dont be too messy. Yang berambu2 xnak ye..Choose yang simple2 je but nice.

p/s: I’m not a bird anymore

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