Scoller Text [JavaScript]

Example tengok seperti Announcement sebelah


<style type=”text/css”>

/*Example CSS for the two demo scrollers*/


width: 250px; /*kelebaran*/

height: 150px; /*ketinggian*/

border: 0px solid black; /*border 0px klu nk invi 1px klu nk show*/

padding: 5px; /*space text dgn kotak*/

background-color: white; /*color latarbelakang*/


.someclass{ //class to apply to your scroller(s) if desired



<script type=”text/javascript”>

/*Msg nak tulis sume area bawah ni*/

var pausecontent=new Array()

pausecontent[0]='<h4>Selamat Datang / Welcome</h4>Untuk permintaan lagu,lirik,movie,source code dan lain-lain, sila tulis di ruangan chat.Insyallah saya akan tunaikan’

pausecontent[1]='<h4><a href=””>Freelancer Web Programmer</a></h4>Anda ingin memiliki sebuah blog atau portal tetapi tidak mengetahui caranya untuk membuatnya? Jangan risau, saya akan membantu anda dengan harga berpatutan’

pausecontent[2]='<h4><a href=””>Myvi Extreme Club</a></h4>Have a myvi car? Come and join us. Our activity;Meeting members, Family Day, Safety Convoy, Events & Autoshows, Extreme Ur Idea, Frienldy Sport. We can Help; Service, Painting, Air Brush & Sticker Design, Customade & Modified, Spare Part, And many more…’

/*——Don’t change anythings below——-*/


<script type=”text/javascript”>


* Pausing up-down scroller- © Dynamic Drive (

* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use

* Visit for this script and 100s more.


function pausescroller(content, divId, divClass, delay){

this.content=content //message array content

this.tickerid=divId //ID of ticker div to display information

this.delay=delay //Delay between msg change, in miliseconds.

this.mouseoverBol=0 //Boolean to indicate whether mouse is currently over scroller (and pause it if it is)

this.hiddendivpointer=1 //index of message array for hidden div

document.write(‘<div id=”‘+divId+'” style=”position: relative; overflow: hidden” class=”‘+divClass+'”><div id=”‘+divId+’1″ style=”position: absolute; width: 100%” class=”innerDiv”>’+content[0]+'</div><div id=”‘+divId+’2″ style=”position: absolute; width: 100%; visibility: hidden” class=”innerDiv”>’+content[1]+'</div></div>’)

var scrollerinstance=this

if (window.addEventListener) //run onload in DOM2 browsers

window.addEventListener(“load”, function(){scrollerinstance.initialize()}, false)

else if (window.attachEvent) //run onload in IE5.5+

window.attachEvent(“onload”, function(){scrollerinstance.initialize()})

else if (document.getElementById) //if legacy DOM browsers, just start scroller after 0.5 sec

setTimeout(function(){scrollerinstance.initialize()}, 500)


// ——————————————————————-

// initialize()- Initialize scroller method.

// -Get div objects, set initial positions, start up down animation

// ——————————————————————-






//set width of inner DIVs to outer DIV’s width minus padding (padding assumed to be top padding x 2)*2)+”px”

this.getinline(this.visiblediv, this.hiddendiv)”visible”

var scrollerinstance=this



if (window.attachEvent) //Clean up loose references in IE

window.attachEvent(“onunload”, function(){scrollerinstance.tickerdiv.onmouseover=scrollerinstance.tickerdiv.onmouseout=null})

setTimeout(function(){scrollerinstance.animateup()}, this.delay)


// ——————————————————————-

// animateup()- Move the two inner divs of the scroller up and in sync

// ——————————————————————-


var scrollerinstance=this

if (parseInt(>(this.visibledivtop+5)){”px””px”

setTimeout(function(){scrollerinstance.animateup()}, 50)



this.getinline(this.hiddendiv, this.visiblediv)


setTimeout(function(){scrollerinstance.setmessage()}, this.delay)



// ——————————————————————-

// swapdivs()- Swap between which is the visible and which is the hidden div

// ——————————————————————-


var tempcontainer=this.visiblediv




pausescroller.prototype.getinline=function(div1, div2){”px”, div1.offsetHeight)+”px”


// ——————————————————————-

// setmessage()- Populate the hidden div with the next message before it’s visible

// ——————————————————————-


var scrollerinstance=this

if (this.mouseoverBol==1) //if mouse is currently over scoller, do nothing (pause it)

setTimeout(function(){scrollerinstance.setmessage()}, 100)


var i=this.hiddendivpointer

var ceiling=this.content.length

this.hiddendivpointer=(i+1>ceiling-1)? 0 : i+1





pausescroller.getCSSpadding=function(tickerobj){ //get CSS padding value, if any

if (tickerobj.currentStyle)

return tickerobj.currentStyle[“paddingTop”]

else if (window.getComputedStyle) //if DOM2

return window.getComputedStyle(tickerobj, “”).getPropertyValue(“padding-top”)


return 0



<script type=”text/javascript”>

//new pausescroller(name_of_message_array, CSS_ID, CSS_classname, pause_in_miliseconds)

new pausescroller(pauseconte
nt, “pscroller1”, “someclass”, 5000)


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